leading in the home

9 Apr

Please describe how you feel you can apply the leadership lessons discussed during this session as a leader in your family.
One thing that Vice President Scharman said really impacted me with regard to my future family. She said to not focus on leaving your mark, but to figure out what the Lord is doing. I love that she said “doing” and not “trying to do.” I will apply these leadership lessons by carrying out the Lord’s will and not trying to further my own agenda or playing to my pride, as well as setting priorities and sticking to them. Lately a lot of speakers in Church and General Conference have emphasized that in order to find any kind of success, family must come first, followed by the Church, and then all else will fall into place.

Recognizing that you will meet and likely marry someone who will come from a somewhat different background and family than your own, please identify what you will do as a leader in your home to insure that you have a unified and succesful family.
I have a “parenthood binder” where I stick talks and scriptures and insights about how to be a good mother and wife. I am obviously nowhere closer to that stage in life right now than I was when I woke up this morning, but I can still do my best to be prepared. The future of my family is not set in stone. We do not have to fail just because most of the families I am surrounded by have succumbed to the temptations of the world and allowed their trials to sabotage their marriages. I can choose success, and I can choose it today. That is my standard. I want to marry someone who is worthy to take me to the temple. Just because someone comes from a different background does not mean I should settle for a lower standard, and to seek out equal caliber is the challenge of Zion.
Having a unified and successful family, in my opinion, will be contingent upon our acceptance of a “new family”. Obviously we will both have backgrounds and ideas and traditions that will shape our approach, but just because my parents raised me to always have Christmas with just our family doesn’t mean that we can’t visit the in-laws for brunch. Just because I grew up doing whatever I wanted on Sunday afternoons doesn’t mean that my husband and I can’t set new traditions and new standards for what will be necessary and best for OUR family.


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