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leading with love

20 Mar

I just realized that I forgot to publish this…I am taking WordPress down with me.

Describe three different ways that you have made your love for students you lead visible through work you have done.
1. A few months ago a few of us in Comms took the 5 Love Languages survey. That inspired me to be more aware of how other people receive and appreciate love. I have tried to pay attention to my ACs to recognize what is most important to them. Keeping the needs of others in mind in every interaction has helped me to see people on a more loving plane.
2. The awesome thing about my position is that every single thing I do is for someone else. It is a pure service rendered to others – there is no personal gain whatsoever in filling out EAFs and making plans for someone else’s event advertising. I’ve learned so much through being involved in such a selfless process and being driven by the needs of others. By extension, my ACs are having that same experience of being purely selfless. By playing a supportive role and helping them recognize their meaningful contributions, I hope that they have understood my love for them.
3. Mackenzie recently wrote me a letter of recommendation and said this:

“Karen also had the skill of genuinely making me feel welcome and needed. She conducted weekly stewardship meetings with me in which her primary concern was how I was doing not only with my responsibilities within BYU/SA, but also with my life outside of it. She would also make it a point to tell me frequently how much she and the coordinators at BYU/SA appreciated me and my efforts. That, to me and the other volunteers, was much appreciated and incredibly important. Karen would also organize meetings for the advertising consultants and those of other BYU/SA departments that we worked with to try and find ways to better the system. She would keep a notebook of all of our suggestions and she would implement them immediately if situations permitted. It made me and the other volunteers truly feel as if we had a voice within a community and that we were contributing to making it even more efficient.”

This was the most meaningful thing to me because that was the only thing I truly wanted to accomplish this year. I wanted to help others feel important. I still have a lot to learn about how to do that, but this is one example of how I attempted to communicate the love I had for the organization, the University, the gospel, and for my volunteers.

Dean Heperi talked about the importance of truly loving those you work with enough to help them improve. Please describe a time when you have had to help someone by having a difficult conversation about their need for improvement. Please identify what things you said that helped you in this experience.
Filling out 360s right now has made me reflect on instances throughout the year like this. I think someone has needed to have one of these difficult conversations with me on at least a weekly basis. The conversations I’ve needed to have with others have been pretty minimal. I’ve been blessed with volunteers who were pretty self-aware. However, my capacity for having these difficult conversations was pretty much nonexistent at the beginning of the year. In order for me to have the first one, I was forced in the first place. Sooooo. In one particular conversation, I had to hold someone accountable and learned that honesty is always the best policy. Being honest with someone, followed by an increase of love and highlighting successes and triumphs keeps everything in perspective and allows for everyone to continue progressing.


the path i had feared to see

6 Mar

I said, “Let me walk in the fields.
He said, “No; walk in the town.”
I said, “There are no flowers there.
He said, “No flowers but a crown.”

I said, “But the skies are black,
There is nothing but noise and din.”
And He wept as He sent me back;
“There is more,” He said. “There is sin.”

I said, “But the air is thick,
And fogs are veiling the sun.”
He answered, “Yet souls are sick,
And souls in the dark undone.”

I said, “I shall miss the light,
And friends will miss me, they say.”
He answered, “Choose tonight
If I am to miss you, or they.”

I pleaded for time to be given.
He said, “Is it hard to decide?
It will not seem hard in Heaven
To have followed the steps of your Guide.”

I cast one look at the fields,
Then set my face to the town.
He said, “My child, do you yield?
Will you leave the flowers for a crown?”

Then into His hand went mine;
And into my heart came He;
And I walked in a light divine,
The path I had feared to see.

-George MacDonald