leading change

4 Dec

Please describe a situation where you have watched a someone successfully lead an organization through a change. Identify what went well and how they helped the process succeed.
Last July, my MTC supervisor Dave was working on a language guide that was time-consuming and and told his boss, “there must be a better way to do this.” He started working on a new version and thought it would be completed in August 2010. In August 2011, the new version was completed for all 52 languages. It took a year longer than he originally anticipated, but he was able to build a team that shared his vision, and ultimately deliver a product that will improve missionary work worldwide.
He had a vision, shared it with everyone involved, and then went forward to develop the process, train everyone on how to use it, and effectively implement a system that is a great improvement. I think what he did especially well was be flexible with changes that needed to be made along the way. There were a lot of opportunities for him to quit and go back, but he held to his vision for a better learning experience and stuck it out even when he hit roadblocks. I also watched him own up to mistakes when he was confronted, and then immediately provide suggestions for how to fix them. He was humble in his dealings with others, and that made them trust him.

Please share the three discovery statements that you wrote down as you completed each of the challenges. What do those statements help you understand about your abilities to lead change and what insights do they give you on how you can be effective as a leader in a changing environment.
Discovery statements:
1) When I changed hands, I was hesitant to continue writing even though I knew I was capable & I knew what would happen. It made me frustrated that I couldn’t do my best though.
2) When I closed my eyes, I had to believe that what I was doing was right, even though I had no way of knowing. I felt unsure & unconfident.
3) Walking backwards, I was kind of scared because I didn’t know what was coming & I wasn’t close to anyone so I had no way to anticipate the changes.
I was definitely more surprised than I was frustrated with each of the challenges. They weren’t particularly difficult, they were just something I had never done before or couldn’t do well. I learned that what I need to overcome in my experience dealing with change is not being confident and not being very innovative. I’m definitely learning to not be afraid of what’s ahead, but that’s not all that it takes. It also requires an active confidence in the outcome, and that is where vision comes in.
I don’t think I’ve been acting with a specific vision in mind for advertising this year. I didn’t create my own vision, I just went with the BYUSA vision. Which is fine, but it’s made me focus less on results. But that’s what I need to do now.


One Response to “leading change”

  1. Anonymous December 4, 2011 at 2:53 am #

    I think it’s a great idea to make your own vision for advertising! Think about the reasons the program exists, remember from the whiteboard? Can you create a meaningful vision from that? Good luck!

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