an eye single

30 Nov

(D&C 88:67) In that scripture for a brief moment I could see that inhibitions and fears and self-consciousness could be conquered if I stopped performing for the admiration of mortals and sought honestly and faithfully to glorify only God.

I learned that day that appreciation for our own worth has nothing to do with the applause of one’s neighbor and everything to do with having integrity before the Lord. We all need a higher image of ourselves, but Satan would have us believe it comes totally from the praise of others when in fact it comes from our relationship with God.

Just focus on pleasing God. Let God worry about pleasing the people.

I promise you that if this year your eye is fixed, centered, riveted, and so cemented that it cannot be distracted by the allure of the crowds or the vanities of this world—then you will hear your calling from God. Your destiny rests in that call. Keep your eye single to God’s glory, and in doing so fill your bodies with such brightness of light that you will fulfill your destiny as one created in his image.

-Patricia T. Holland, “An Eye Single” Sept. 10, 1985, BYU Devotional


One Response to “an eye single”

  1. Anonymous November 30, 2011 at 4:03 am #

    Karen, I love these extra blog posts. They are so uplifting and timely, and I am grateful to you for sharing them!

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