collaboration & teamwork

25 Nov

Give an example of a time in your life when you’ve seen successful teamwork or collaboration in action. What can you learn from that example that you can apply today?
EFY was one of the most collaborative environments I have ever been in.
Every day we had meetings with our BC group of girls, and we paired with a BC group of guys and talked about concerns and triumphs that we had seen in our own groups and in others. Because we all trusted each other so sincerely, the things shared in those meetings continue to impact my life today.
In our first meeting, I shared a concern about my teaching skills. The next day, our guy BC Ryan prepared an entire lesson on different teaching methods. I instantly started applying them. He offered to sit in on a lesson and give me feedback, and because he had been doing EFY for years and had served a mission, I knew that he had developed his teaching skills and that I could trust his feedback.
The last night of my first week, I had a particularly challenging problem with one of my girls. I was 20, I knew nothing, it was my first week of EFY, and I had no idea what I was doing. I felt completely unqualified to deal with it, and I was very overwhelmed with the prospect that I was facing. Two male counselors, as well as Ryan, that same BC who took the time to be invested in my growth earlier in the week, sat down with me and showed me what I could do, and that I really was qualified to help this girl who was having a really hard time.
Through the many challenges I faced as an EFY counselor, I always knew that I was supported by the other counselors and that I could find help when I needed it. Trust played a major role in all of my relationships. Knowing others’ strengths also helped us because we were able to play off of each others’ past experiences and skills to build our own.
Applying that experience to BYUSA, these are the things I think we can all do better:
-Trust each other to help with our own roadblocks
-Recognize strengths & expertise that we can all bring to the table
-Focus more on lifting each other up in general
-Don’t get hung up with the details

What challenges do you face with teamwork/collaboration and how can you overcome them?
Because our jobs are all so different, I think we have a difficult time accepting help from one another and actually utilizing the TEAM to solve problems. I know that up until recently, if I needed help with an advertising problem, I might consult each of the EDs individually. Reflecting on that, I was basically doing the same thing that we are doing more now (presenting an issue in area meeting and discussing it collectively), but more diluted and with less effectiveness. All together, we can work off of each other and benefit from the ideas of each other. Working together also helps us develop trust.
I’m actually really excited about the opportunity I have to work with Sarah on advertising now, because teamwork & collaboration was the skill I chose to work on in my leadership development plan. This opportunity is perfect for working on that!


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