21 Nov

What are some ways you can build integrity and trust with your team?
I loved Brittanie & Phil’s presentation at the retreat on respect because it actually put this concept into perspective for me. By showing respect for your responsibilities, the roles of others, and each individual, you are showing integrity and trust. By doing this honestly and being reliable in your dealings with them, integrity and trust within a team grows.
Another way is by getting to know the people on your team – really, really know them. When you take the time to love someone, then trust can follow more naturally.
With Comms, I really think that we can trust each other better. While it is true that comes with time, I think that another component is letting go of inhibitions about each other and letting go of our own stubborn ideas. By increasing trust in each other, we can accomplish so much more together.
With my ACs, I am trying really hard to encourage them to work more consistently with the vision. I’ve found that when they understand why they are filling out EAFs and holding ARCs and meeting with designers, they enjoy it more, and they can find the joy in serving others. When that component is present, I’ve found that integrity in accountability, productivity, and compatibility increases tenfold.

In what ways do you make sure your team is in agreement with a project before moving forward?
We ask for everyone’s input. When everyone has had an opportunity to voice their opinions, I always feel much more confident in the unity of the team. With my ACs, I always try to make time for them to share their concerns as well as their victories, because I always want them to leave a meeting feeling like they were really a part of the team. Creating an open and welcoming environment has made them feel more involved, and I believe it has allowed them to develop as leaders when they can think critically, together and independently, about their contributions, while also focusing on triumphs of their own and of others. I’ve loved being able to do that because that strengthens their unity and collaborative processes, and I’ve felt that it contributes to the bonding and building of a stronger team.
To answer the question more succinctly, I’ve found that the best way to make sure the team is in agreement before moving on is to first build that environment of openness and honesty and candor, to make all team members feel valued and included, and then ask everyone for their opinions and thoughts. Also setting a precedent of making sure everyone is on board with the decision first before moving on allows everyone to know that their opinion will be important.

What are a couple of creative ways you can communicate a new idea to your team?
Ooh. Other than straight up telling them, I can think of a lot of ways that involve charts and diagrams and a really really great Powerpoint. But I don’t think that’s what this question is actually asking. Actually, to be honest, I don’t have any idea what this question is asking. But this is the third question, and I remember hearing that we only need to answer two, so I’m just going to say that right now, I am eating tapioca and chocolate chips, which is one of the best ideas I’ve ever had, and I’ll call it a night. [While we are still here, I will say that I whole-heartedly believe that a mariachi band would be appropriate, provided there is also salsa involved.]


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  1. Anonymous November 21, 2011 at 12:41 pm #

    Tapioca and chocolate chips, huh? Yum. Hope you got some sleep last night! 🙂

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