personal capability

15 Nov

Share one personal experience where you have seen the Technical/Professional Expertise leadership competency in action.
I have been impressed by Ryan’s ability to network within and outside of the office and to build solid relationships with everyone. As a leader, he is very professional with those he serves, but he still also makes time for the one when he probably doesn’t have the time to spare. What he has deemed as important is people, and that has made a huge difference in his leadership style. He also “desires to pursue excellence,” especially in the way he describes his passion for the organization and the university. Because of this passion, he expects a lot of those he leads, but it never seems like his high standards are out of reach. Ryan and Brittanie’s campaign was very results-oriented, and because of that focus in their presidential initiatives, it has been much easier to implement them because there is a clear path to reach them. I’ve had many conversations with Ryan especially that have helped me feel like I had a better grasp of my role in BYUSA and that has helped me to better understand the vision. Because he shares his experiences and knowledge, his development of technical and professional expertise has made me trust him as a leader.

Share one personal experience where you have applied skills from the Solves Problems and Analyzes Issues leadership competency.
The creation of the advertising system this year came as a result of the combined problem-solving and analytical skills of many people. First, initiative was taken by everyone to begin considering this concept. It required a lot of planning and organizing to develop the best program for everyone, and a lot of decisiveness to move forward with a product that could be presented early on to the presidency and coordinators. This required innovation to find new ways to incorporate everyone’s respective timelines, event schedules, and processes, such as RACE. Taking on this challenge was my favorite part by far, because I learned a lot about BYUSA in the process. I found the most joy in learning and applying new skills to something that I could begin practicing and implementing, while still being flexible enough to tweak it. The advertising system then had to be integrated into the entire organization and required the cooperation of all. I believe that over time, I became more independent in my execution of responsibilities. In turn, my ACs also became more independent and they have started taking initiative on their own, restarting the wheel of companion behaviors over again.

How does innovation apply to your specific responsibilities? How do you show support of innovation in others?
My position is half-innovation, half-precedent. Since it is new this year, I am making everything up as I go. But because it is meant to be a lasting position, the things I make up must also be good and beneficial for everyone to come. This requires not just crazy innovation, but good innovation. I’ve learned to rely on my team heavily in this respect, not only because I am not creative, but also because by involving more people, we can combine perspectives to anticipate unique needs and problems.


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