focus on results

15 Nov

In your opinion, what are the most important behaviors (as defined in your student manual) in getting results with a project or problem? Explain why you have chosen these and use specific personal examples to add merit to your claim.
I think the most important behaviors in getting results would be planning and organization, has a clear vision of desired results, is quick to act, and creates a high-performance team.
Planning and organization is extremely important because without a plan, a leader is unable to guide anyone down a path of any kind. If you know how you’re getting there, it’s a lot easier to bring people with you. Organization also allows you to delegate responsibilities to make sure everyone is included and has accountability for something.
Having a clear vision of desired results helps everyone understand why they’re doing what they’re doing along the way. Especially for projects or problems that may take a long time to be resolved, it serves as a motivational tool to remind people why it is important to accomplish the task at hand.
Being quick to act keeps things moving.
Creating a high-performance team is critical because it means that everyone is reliable and passionate and that everyone will help everyone reach the end goal together. A high-performance team can make strong and lasting contributions and will be able to find the resources necessary, brainstorm and innovate together, trust each other, anticipate problems, give and receive feedback, be committed to quality, and assume personal and group responsibility. When you have a high-performance team, everything else falls into place.
I saw the benefits of these four behaviors in my work at the admissions processing center. We had a deadline each year to make, and it was vital to reach it because thousands of people depended on us to process their documents so they could get into BYU. We had to have a solid organization set up for dividing document types and delegating responsibilities each day to speed up the process. It also helped to understand why we were doing our job, because one tiny mistake could cost someone their entrance to BYU. A lot was on the line, and that motivated me to do my best and to be thorough and accurate, but also to make sure that I got to everyone’s record. That was our clear vision of desired results. Finally, we had a high-performance team that worked together well. We had a lot of fun, and we all worked really hard. We had an assembly line system for almost every task in the office – opening mail, logging documents, processing colleges, etc. It made our office productive and collaborative and happy.

What are your personal strengths in getting results on projects or problems, and how can you use and implement them in your current leadership position to benefit your team?
My strengths are in planning and organizing and in supporting with adequate resources. I love to plan and organize pretty much everything. As I’m writing this, I’m working off of an agenda for my night (and I would just like to say that I am currently 100% on-time, on-task, and free from distractions. STEVE HOLT!). I feel that my practicum manual, the website, and other resources I have provided to my ACs have allowed them to find what they need more easily. I can help my team to reach greater heights by finding more ways to use these skills to their advantage, but more importantly, I can also utilize their skills to find more ways that they can best contribute to the team. That will also create a higher-performing team.


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