7 Nov

Why is character the center pole of the leadership tent? Give an example of a leader in your life who has demonstrated character and how that affected you.
Character is consistently and directly related to all other aspects of leadership. Without exercising character, none of the other tent poles matter, because there would be no room within the tent to grow if the middle was to sink down.
One leader in my life who demonstrates outstanding character is my co-peer mentor from FOL last year, James. His example has impacted my life because he shows his character when it isn’t being tested, which makes me trust him infinitely when it is being tested. He is kind to everyone, no matter what. He recognizes talents and strengths of others and shares them. He acts according to his priorities, and not according to what he wants most in the moment. He knows what is important to him, and he acts on that. He treats every individual person like a child of God, because he takes time to see their divine potential. He is very humble and meek, which allows him to serve God and others with his whole heart. He has had never had an obligation to me outside of FOL, but he continues to treat me like a friend when I know he’s busy and he probably has better things to do. He takes time to stop and talk to me and show me that he cares by being genuinely interested in my life. I recently attended his wedding reception and he was surrounded by family and friends, but he came over and talked to me and my friend when he saw us come in. He lets people know that they matter and recognizes that people are truly important. To me, that example of character and friendship is so powerful because I’ve seen how he makes me feel about myself and how highly I regard him for his values, morals and overall quality of character.

Share one or two things from the lesson that impacted you personally. Why? How will you apply it to your life?
-When we broke out in groups to work on definitions of each of the words, Sarah made the observation that each one was connected somehow. In order to be a quality leader, I must develop as many good qualities that I can. I must define what my values are and make the decision today to stick to them, otherwise it won’t ever matter what they were if I am willing to give in to an impulsive lapse of judgment. In order to apply this to my life, I want to make a map of who I am today and a map of where I want to be by the end of this year. They must be connected by specific goals and milestones to measure the distance covered.
-Tamara’s story of giving Grant a bath also impacted me, because her divine potential as a mother was more important than having a dry floor. My divine potential as a leader at this time in my life is more important than getting to class 5 minutes early if someone needs to talk, or saving money on gas if someone needs a ride home. It’s about giving up something good to do something better. People will always be the most important. By taking care of other priorities to the best of my ability, I can make myself a tool in the hand of the Lord to serve His children when He needs me to, and not just when it is convenient for me.
Every relationship I will ever have has the potential to bring joy to my life. We were given to each other to be friends, to laugh, and to enjoy time together. It’s not about business. It never was.


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