divine-centered leadership

15 Aug

I just discovered that I never actually published these, I just kept them as drafts…good thing I checked. Probably should have checked sooner though. Oops.

How can the love which you reflect, reflect to volunteers?
Most people in BYUSA have different reasons and motivations for being here, but the overarching theme of not just this organization, but this university, is Christlike love. The entire reason I am here for others is to develop and share charity. I can reflect this to my volunteers by actively working with them, not just setting them on their own, and being an example of a Christlike leader.
The love I am reflecting is not my own, but is the love of Christ. It is the entire reason I am here. This organization and this university will always be infinitely bigger than me. I am not here to change them, but they are here to change me. In order to reflect the love that founded this school and BYUSA, I must embrace the vision and mission of each and understand why it is so vital for them to exist. Once I can understand those purposes, I will adopt a true love for the people, the children of God, who pass through this campus and this office.
My biggest challenge this year will probably be learning to communicate effectively, and this is the first place I need to start practicing. If I can communicate that love for Christ as well as the love of Christ through service and actions, then I can better learn how to communicate other messages in other media as well. That’s my goal, at least.

How can I be a more divine-centered leader of leaders?
I’ve been focusing lately on trying to make more decisions by prayer, not just in my own life, but with BYUSA as well. One of the things I’ve really been focusing on lately is better understanding what this actually means, and I received a really great understanding once I started trying to apply this principle:
I am not just a leader of leaders because I am in charge of people who have great leadership skills. Being a leader of leaders is recognizing that those who you lead are incredible people and that you can learn great things from them. It is being humble enough to learn from those you lead, and even follow them at times. It will never ever ever be all about me. It will never ever ever be even a little bit about me. It’s completely about them.
To me, this is what it means.
To Christ, it was never about Him.
It was about the people He loved, and for me, it will be about the people I know my Heavenly Father loves. Even if I don’t know how to love them, He does.


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