storming, norming, performing

22 Jul

What stage do you think your area is in?
I think Comms as a whole is in the forming stage as we are getting PDs and ACs as we all learn our roles with each other. However, I believe that Comms as the ED team is in the late storming/early norming stage. We have been getting to know each other and establishing our relationships with each other progressively each week. I was really excited to come back from EFY and not feel left out, which I was afraid might happen.

How will you help your area stay in performing stage?
The performing stage is all about satisfaction in group achievement, or rather response to group achievement, so I want to do everything I can to help us achieve our area goals. I also want to keep a positive attitude throughout everything.

PS. I talked to Phil & got philled in on everything from his lesson.


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