financial processes

21 Jul

How will you make sure each new person in your area is trained and held accountable for our financial processes?
I made certification part of the AC training, which I think will be especially helpful in their work. If my ACs know everything about what the ELs and PDs will have to deal with, financially speaking, they can be much stronger resources for their clients. It’s important to understand all of the financial processes of BYUSA because it’s part of being “above reproach.” When we are familiar with the process and follow it to a T, it makes it more possible to support each other on any potential questions that may arise from people within or outside of BYUSA.

In what ways can our financial processes help you in managing your own finances?
Everything is so organized and complete and every cent is accounted for. With my own finances, if I strive to have that same meticulous attitude, there are several benefits. I can be more aware of everything in my finances without letting things slip through. I can keep track of where everything is going. I can be more responsible with all of my money. I actually want to improve on this because fiscal responsibility is becoming a more important part of my life as I get older and manage everything on my own.


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