10 Jul

In what ways does RACE prepare you to be a more successful leader?
Organization is highly underrated. RACE not only standardizes the process, but it also teaches the importance of setting goals, planning ahead, and working at a steady pace. It prepares me to be a more successful leader because it is a highly useful tool, not a BYUSA-specific system of hoops to jump through. It also provides another opportunity to accept the rules and standards of the group, similar to the BYUSA vision. If there are any people who decide that it’s just not for them, then it can’t work. Being a part of a team is a huge part of RACE because everyone has to work together to accomplish every milestone.

How do you plan to use RACE in your area throughout the upcoming year?
I am really excited to implement my duties into the RACE process because it is such a great way to ensure that everything gets accomplished. With regard to advertising, I am lucky because my milestones are already set up within each event’s developmental program, but I also want to use RACE to set goals for myself on other projects and on group efforts that we may be trying to accomplish within the Comms area. Hopefully I will become so practiced in it that I can start automatically applying it to everything I need to work on, because I know that will make each task seem more manageable and help set realistic goals.


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