divine-centered leadership

10 Jul

What is your motive for service?
I actually had to really think about this question, because sometimes I feel like I might not be doing things for the right reasons. I’m really excited though because I thought very hard about BYUSA and what I wanted to accomplish through it, and the only things I thought of were to serve the campus, to do my best in my position to help everyone around me, and to make sure that everyone I come in contact with has the best experience possible. I want to be involved in improving my school and to contribute to the vision that I believe in. I never even thought about building my resume or being in a position where other people had to report to me.
This question actually helped me determine the fact that I know that I am in BYUSA for every single right reason, both service-oriented and personally. The people I have met have inspired me to serve even more, and I’m just getting more and more excited to do everything I can to help improve the lives of the students around me. I want to be like my Savior and show true love towards my peers. I want them to know by my actions that I have a testimony and that I am doing everything I can to maintain an attitude of charity.

Create a to-be list:
A teacher
A leader centered on Jesus Christ
More dedicated
More reliable
Less invested in the world
More loving towards everyone

Pick someone in BYUSA and get to know their heart:
(I hope it’s okay that I’m writing about an experience I had before this question was actually asked…it totally relates and it answers the prompt!)
I picked one person who I didn’t actually know very well, but had met a few times before BYUSA. I had never really understood her or her sense of humor, and I knew nothing about who she was. If anything, I could probably say that I didn’t like her very much, or I couldn’t be around her for too long without starting to judge her. When I found out that we would be working together, I honestly wasn’t very excited at first because of the impressions I had developed of her, but I set a goal for myself that I would get to know her, love her, and serve her, because otherwise I would make it a miserable year for myself and potentially others as well.
As I got to know her in the months before summer term started, I saw her many, many strengths and her confidence. I tried to find one really great thing she had done every time I saw her instead of focusing on the one or two things that had bothered me, because in the end, they didn’t make a difference at all, so they weren’t important.
I think the real turning point was at Adventure Experience when I took the time to sit down with her and we talked for a very long time. I heard her opinions, her thoughts, her struggles, and her triumphs. I learned a lot about her life and came to appreciate who she was and the amazing work she does for everyone around her. I realized that she is an incredibly smart, talented, strong daughter of God and that I could learn a lot from her.
Getting to know her heart may not have made a very big difference to her, because she never knew how I felt before we started working together, and I’ve always tried to be nice to her anyway. However, it made a monumental difference in my own life because I recognized the good in someone else when I had previously ignored it. My mom always told me, “You can’t help but love someone once you get to know them,” and that “The only people you hate are people you’ve never really talked to.” I think she’s absolutely right, because that was my experience to a T.

Did you read the divine-centered leadership part of the manual?
Absolutely I did. And it was really great.


One Response to “divine-centered leadership”

  1. Tamara Gray July 11, 2011 at 1:39 am #

    I love that you approached it that way! I am proud of you for putting forth the effort to see the good, and I am very grateful that you’ve developed a better relationship. Your mom was wise!

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