vision & mission

24 Jun

How will you implement the vision in your role?
“As part of a BYU education, the Student Service Association’s vision is to be leaders centered on Jesus Christ, who contribute to the building of Zion communities which are united in heart and mind that there be no intellectually, spiritually, emotionally or physically poor among us.”

I have the opportunity to influence the image of BYUSA on campus, but I really want to make sure that every piece of advertising that is put out is uplifting and inviting and all-inclusive. I want to help my advertising consultants grow intellectually, spiritually, emotionally and physically as well.
The one implementation that I have the most control over, however, is my own personal application of the vision. I want to grow in every way and constantly push myself out of my comfort zone. Intellectually, I want to learn about myself and about service in a way that allows me to know how to improve every situation and environment that I find myself in. Spiritually, I will grow closer to my Savior and my Heavenly Father by thinking about others on a daily basis and truly striving to bring everyone I meet closer to Christ. I hope that if I serve in that specific capacity, my understanding of the nature of God will increase as well. Emotionally, I want to be stronger for others, and I want to be a person that everyone can rely on, no matter what I am concerned with at the time or what state I might be in. I want to have more control over myself and to be able to be busier and do more without getting as stressed. Physically, I feel like I am already feeling more present, more involved. It’s an incredible feeling to walk across campus and feel like I am truly a part of it. Most of the time I just think about how great it is that I am on this beautiful campus, that really great things have happened here, and that I am walking on sacred ground. Already my mentality is shifting more towards realizing that this is my sacred ground and that I am sharing this time of my life with everyone around me. This is a community, not just a school. This is where I live, work, learn and worship, and it isn’t just a location on a map. It’s meant to be interactive and uplifting.
As I learn and grow in each of these capacities, I am really excited to help others do the same.

Thoughts on the BYUSA mission:
“To attain this vision, our mission is to engage students in opportunities which cultivate a sense of belonging, refined skills and talents, divine-centered leadership, meaningful contributions, a spirit of honor, and a commitment to future service.”

Engage students in opportunities: This is why we have so many activities and events and programs. BYUSA provides opportunities for students to get more out of their time here. Each one is absolutely crucial to carry out well, because one specific event might be the one event that catches a student’s eye, and that may be their one interest, and therefore the only opportunity they take advantage of. If we make sure it is a good experience, they will be more inclined to be excited about being involved.
Cultivate a sense of belonging: This part of the mission is achieved in the diversity of opportunities through BYUSA. I had to explain BYUSA to freshmen at NSO, and I realized that the variety was one of the greatest strengths of the organization because there really is something for everyone.
Refined skills and talents: Continued service in a variety of capacity lends itself to this component of the mission statement. When I consider where I am right now to where I know I will be in a few months, it is clear that there is a measured refining impact that constant involvement has on a person.
Divine-centered leadership: The best way to serve is to act as a conduit to Christ in every single way. Jesus Christ is the perfect leader, and by using Him as the example for my own leadership development, it becomes so much easier to see the divine potential in everyone as well. By acting on fixed principles, being consistent, showing love in everything I do, and walking the walk, I can develop Christlike leadership skills that will also allow me to be of greater use to my fellow men later in life.
Meaningful contributions: Sometimes it feels like the work done in the office is somewhat menial, but if I try to imagine BYU without BYUSA, the campus seems empty. If there were no activities, no clubs, no student leadership program…BYU would lose a critical quality of a Zion community: Friendship. There is also a feeling of “meaningful contribution” when there is something to show for your efforts, and especially when there is something to show on your very campus, where your peers walk every day. It isn’t busy work, and it isn’t fake. There are real contributions and real results, and you can learn so much along the way.
Spirit of honor: Honor is part of everything at this university. It defines who we are, how we act, how we treat others, and how we serve. The Honor Code is not a set of restrictive rules, but a better way of life. I absolutely love that we have an entire area dedicated to advocating for the Honor Code, because I believe that it deserves more respect than it usually gets from students. We sign it and agree to live by it, but do we really adopt it into our lives? The spirit of honor is, in essence, the “higher road.” It is one way to show dedication to the laws and commandments of our Heavenly Father, and it makes life so much less stressful when compared to the stereotypical activities of other college students around the country. It creates a lasting impact everywhere you go when people see that you are a person who is not willing to undermine yourself or your God for anything cheaper than the worth of your soul.
Commitment to future service: The classic “Enter to learn, Go forth to serve” mantra is pounded into our heads throughout the BYU experience, but it doesn’t mean that you have to wait until the day after graduation to serve. There is so much good that can be done within every day. There are countless opportunities to serve that face you each time you interact with someone. It’s a mindset, not a time slot. BYUSA, as a service association, is such a great reinforcement of the motto for students while they are still here. There is so much that can be done to leave this campus better than we found it, and to continue serving, without resting, until we have done all that we can.


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  1. Tamara Gray June 27, 2011 at 11:10 pm #

    I love your passion and appreciation for the vision and mission! You are a great example!

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