meekly drenched in destiny

21 Jun

“There would be little reason for speak of meekness…if you were not serious candidates for the celestial kingdom. You live in coarsening times. Times in which meekness is both misunderstood and even despised. Yet meekness has been, is and will remain a non-negotiable dimension of true discipleship. Its development is a remarkable achievement in any age, but especially in this age.

“Furthermore, whether you fully realize it or not, you are a generation drenched in destiny. If you are faithful, you will prove to be a part of the winding-up scenes for this world. And as participants, not merely as spectators. Though, on occasions to come, you might understandably wish it were as spectators only.”

“…God, who has seen billions of spirits pass through His plan of salvation, has told us to be meek in order to enhance our enjoyment of life and our mortal education.”

“We need to learn so much, yet we are free to choose…Since God desired to have us become like Himself, He had to make us free to learn, to choose, and to experience. Hence, our humility and teachability are premier determinants of both our progress and our happiness.”

“Never has one individual offered in so few words to do so much for so many as did Jesus when he meekly offered himself as a ransom for us, billions and billions of us…Meekness, the subtraction of self, reduces the multiplicity of words.”

“Better to save our soul than to save our face.”

-Neal A. Maxwell, “Meekly Drenched in Destiny” Sept. 5, 1982, BYU Devotional


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