convince or convert?

21 Jun

“You were born in an age lacking stability, torn by a thousand doubts, and urged to go in a hundred different directions. It is as though the earth is trembling beneath your very feet with wars and rumors of wars and changing values and ideals. You are faced with a multitude of threats and dangers. To what can you turn to find stability? Where can you find something to hold to and believe in? I recommend God. And that choice, most of you have already made.

“But how have you chosen? Have you done it by default because you were born in the Church and know nothing else? Have you chosen it because of scripture or because of the testimony of others? Have you chosen it because of a certain unexplained feeling in your heart, or because of the urging of parents, friends or sweethearts? No matter, you have chosen rightly and well.

“Now I want you to do more. Do as Jesus says, “follow me.” Take up the life of a Christian, regardless of what others may say and regardless of what it may cost you in money, in time or in work. Become converted and keep the law, not because you have to, but because you want to.

“…Stay on your knees long enough to do some good for your own soul.”

“…Believe and trust in God because He is God, not because it is expected of you. Know this, that any testimony we have, any faith we possess, must be tested to see if it is real. If faith is nothing more than conviction, it will fail. If you are only convinced, your faith will fail in a time of crisis.”

-Theodore M. Burton, “Convince or Convert?” Oct. 6, 1964, BYU Devotional


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